Pokemon Journey: S.S. Nostalgia

February 28

Hello again, first let me say, thanks again for joining me on my journey through my childhood. (though really, not sure why you are reading this, but I do appreciate it J, guess I’m doing something right)  That being said, as promised, I continue to blog about my Pokémon Blue journey, and so here is my update.  I’d also like to point out (final digression, I swear!), the reason these are posted a day or two late, is because usually I end my day playing games (as a way to relax), and so I’m falling asleep as I’m finishing…and trust me, you wouldn’t want to read that…well maybe you would…but I don’t want you to!!!!).  Now then, back to ze journey!

So, when we last left of, our adventurer had just defeated the Cerulean City Gym Leader, Misty, and was preparing to set out again on his journey….(tried to make that sound kind of like the intro to an episode from the old Pokémon TV show J  ).  So, any who, after I beat Misty, and since I already had my ticket that weirdo Bill, I healed up the team, and headed on my way.  It is understandable that at this point, some newer players may have wandered haplessly around, the game doesn’t really point you in the right direction.  However, I remembered the Team Rocket shenanigans, so straight away headed to beat up Rocket (that almost sounds bad….) got dig, and continued on my merry way.

Once I reached Route 6, I did a kind of backwards thing, and skipped all the trainers I could (the last two before Vermilion City obviously unskippable).  Then, after healing up, I headed towards Route 11.  I trounced around and trained up my team, OCD making me make sure everyone is leveled equally.  After that, I said hi to the sleeping Snorlax (lazy bastard), grabbed my bike voucher from the Poke Fan Club leader dude….and headed back to Cerulean City.  This time I did take the team to beat everyone up, equally spreading pain to all the trainers, while ensuring my team stayed equal in levels…it’s a curse…I swear.

After I got my shiny new bike, with nowhere to really go on it yet, I headed back to Vermillion City (this game has a lot more back and forth than I remember :P).  I paid Diglet’s cave a little hello, for nostalgia sake, and managed to get Bellsprout to evolve!  I took that as my signal to move on, so did what any normal 10 year old on a Pokémon journey in a dangerous world with magical, deadly creatures, would do.  I went onto a boat full of strangers and sailors! Hello S.S. Anne.

Being the old school player I am, I made sure I went into each and every room, because that is what I did when I first played the game!  Every trainer on the ship got a nice thrashing, and after I got bored with the second rate passengers, I headed to face my rival (whose name is not appropriate…ha).  I served him a first class dosage of pain…enough so that his Raticate would never return….(insert a small amount of feels here).  Then, I helped an old captain who was seasick (because that makes sense), and he gave me everyone’s favorite HM01 Cut.  One of the reasons I have Weepinbell on my team…to be my Cut master (since Charizard is having one skill saved for Fly, and I’d rather not have my dragonlord weighed down with HMs…would be lame).

Less than savory note…I did let myself get beat by the last trainer on the S.S. Anne….so that the ship will never leave…muhahahahaha.  I know *spoiler alert* Mew isn’t really back there…but considering all the hours and attempts younger me did way back when…I just had to relive it 😛

So, with Cut in hand, and my time for playing drawing to a close for the day, I set out on my last task for the night.  I headed over to everyone’s favorite electric type gym, chopped down the cherry tree…I mean, bush (that doesn’t sound appropriate… younger me didn’t think of these things…), and headed into the gym.  I remembered which trash can’s had the switch, having played over and over again when younger, but still decided to take on each trainer in there.  No reason to pass up free money and experience.  Then, with my team nice and ready (and after a trip to the Pokecenter just in case), I went ahead and challenged the good LT.  (Random thought LT= lieutenant, but could also be….Lightning Trainer…so then he would be, Lightning Trainer Surge!!!!!!)

First up, Voltorb… Now…I will take this moment to admit…I’m kinda cheap right now :P.  Weepinbell came out, and the first thing I did was poison that cheeky Pokeball with eyes.  Next (and here’s where you apply a healthy dose of cheese), I used wrap….Needless to say, easy battle was easy.  After Voltorb fainted, it kindly let me know he was going to send out a Pikachu.  What did I do, you may ask…well, weirdly enough (not), I had a Pikachu too.  So, in a manly who’s got the biggest dick match, I sent out my Pikachu.  Let me put it simply, my 22 beat his 18 ;).  Ahh, inappropriate jokes aside, his final Pokémon was Raichu (all you people playing yellow…have fun never getting one! 😛  ).  I took a moment here, it was a tough decision on who I wanted out…and finally, OCD kicked in, and the one Pokémon I had that was at level 22 (since Pikachu leveled) Charmeleon got sent out.  He made short work of Raichu…and by short work, I mean I used a full restore when he almost died :P.  The battle left him equal level with all the rest of my team, and my OCD was a peace…for now.  With that, I walked my happy little arse back to the Pokecenter, healed everyone up, and content with myself, ended for the night J.

For the update (in case I made it hard to follow), I now have 3 badges, everyone is level 23, and everyone means, Charmeleon, Weepinbell, Pikachu, Nidorino, Nidorina, Kadabara.  I still only have 4 of the 6 Pokémon I aim to have to complete the Elite Four, but am getting closer to where I will get them J.  Stay tuned to find out who they are (unless I already said….seems like something I would do), and follow my happy, shenanigan filled trounce down memory lane J.

Till next time, who’s your favorite Pokémon?  Mine is Arcanine (hence the irony that I am playing Blue…for those of you not aware, you cannot get a Growlithe or Arcanine in Blue -_- ).


Pokemon Journey: Hello Old Friend

Twenty years ago, a 10 year old boy started out on a journey.  A journey that would change not only his life, but shape a future, a legacy, that would change the world.  Now, twenty years into the future, that 10 year old boy is back, though he never truly left.  In fact, Pokémon has continued to grow, to expand, throughout the years, bringing generations together as the originals Gen I’s continued to grow, and ‘evolve’ only to return each and every generation to offer and share their wisdom for those who were starting their Pokémon journey for the first time.  On this day, all Pokémon fans, young and old, have returned, Gen I’s finally returning to the world, the region, where it all truly began.  On February 27th, 2016, countless people picked up their 3ds’s, powered it on, and made a choices.  The first choice, to relive the journey in Pokémon Red/Blue, or to play Pokémon Yellow.  For those who decided to return to Red/Blue (I chose Blue…ironic since my favorite Pokémon is a Red exclusive -_-), another choice, the hardest (or easiest) choice of all…which starter should you choose?  Charmander, the cute little fire lizard who transforms into the almighty Charizard (he will always be a dragon in my heart).  Squirtle, the adorable little turtle who evolves into Blastoise, a tanky monster with literal cannons!  Or, Bulbasaur….aka lettuce.  Obviously, while I am not biased….I chose Charmander as my life partner.  My fiancé, who has never played a Pokémon game before, started on Yellow, so that she could get the best of both worlds (smart choice J  ).  Now then, after we both revealed our name to Prof Oak (obviously our TRUE trainer names…Gen I’s know what I’m talking about 😉 ), we got to choose names for our rivals…  I’m sure the attached image will reflect what our choices were…*cough*.  Afterwards, it was off on our journeys.  I have decided, as such, that I will try to reveal my journey as I go on (my fiances will remain secret, tis her story to tell, not mine.)  That being said, allow me to begin.

Feb 27, 2016

As already mentioned, I chose Charmander as my partner in crime for my journey, and as such, my rival, no, my friend, chose Squirtle (dick move…).

Now, just a little side note here…as much as we all hate our rivals…think about it, truly his actions are those of a best friend.  All along your journey, he is checking up on you, gauging your strength, giving you a challenge to overcome.  Sure he could have far surpassed you, yet at each and every point, he was just a little bit ahead, just enough that you wanted to push yourself to beat him, to overcome his taunts, to be better.  Your ‘rival’, is there, looking out for you, and in the end, he helps you accomplish your dreams, your goal….Keep that in mind when naming him (hypocrite alert…I know 😛  ).  Now then, back to me, and my journey…

After beating his Squirtle in my very first Pokémon battle (thank you random PC potion in your bedroom…) I become Prof Oak’s errand boy, but whatevs.  I complete that task easy enough, get my Pokedex, and finally, truly, begin my journey.  First mission…catch new Pokémon.  I have a very specific team I want at the end as I go against the Elite Four, and luckily, I know two of the Pokémon I wanted to help against Brock (the first gym leader for those who are just now starting their journey), happen to evolve into what I want for the Elite Four.  As such, after purchasing some Pokeballs (only five), I headed off into the patch of grass, just to the left of Viridian City, where my prey awaited.  My goal, a male, and female, Nidoran.  Did I accomplish this task? Of course.  Then, I wandered up, knowing my rival would await (though the first time…forgot he would trigger so early…and ended up being beat…hard to beat him when all your Pokémon are at 5 hp…bad me, bad L ).  Any who, I triggered the encounter, beat him, and then, proceeded to train up all three of my Pokémon to lvl 10, before continuing to the forest.

Once I reached Viridian Forest, I picked up my next team member (he will be temporary), a smiling Pikachu.  Now, obviously he wasn’t going to help much against Brock, but I was planning for the future…Misty and her beast of a Starmie.  After getting Pikachu, I trained him up to level 10, got the rest of my team to level 12, and took on Brock.  His Geodude was a bit annoying, using defense curl every time I used leer, but eventually my Nidoran (male) was able to defeat him…though he only had 7hp remaining.  As such, I left him in front, for when Onyx appeared, I knew each and every leer would be invaluable.  Luckily for me, Brock insisted on using Bide right off the bat, so I was able to get Onyx’s defense all the way down, and almost kill him with Horn attack, before the second Bide went off, and knocked out my Nidoran (male).  Having done his task, I silently thanked him, and then sent out Charmander, burning Onyx down, and winning my very first badge!

After defeating Brock, I headed East from Pewter town, towards Mt. Moon, and my next target (and my last one for the day) Misty.  Mt Moon, your first encounter with Team Rocket, also has another important choice (on top of Clefairy…for those of you who like Clefairy ha-ha).  I grabbed the two moon stones in the good Mt (to be used later for my Nidoking/queen) and then, after thoroughly stomping team rocket…and multiple trips back to the Pokecenter….I was at the choice, Dome or Helix fossil.   Now, while I’m sure some will say this is blasphemy….I went with the Dome fossil (‘c’mon, he looks awesome, and is a beast!).  Afterwards, I gallantly left the cave, all of my Pokémon now at least lvl 16, meaning I now had Charmeleon, Nidorino, Nidorina, and Pikachu.  I healed up, beat up some more trainers on Nugget bridge, and then headed to the patch of grass to the left (and yes I beat the trainer there…no Mew glitch for me).  I then (on the first try, without any status effects) captured a lvl 12 Abra.  I was trying to show my fiancé that they teleport from battle and are hard to catch…go figure I’d catch him instantly…  That being said, I snagged what I had come for after that, which is a Bellsprout (another want for my Elite Four Team).  With Bellsprout in tow, I now am only missing two Pokémon for my Elite Four team, so figured it was time to train them up, and then take on Misty.  I

I rescued Bill (fool had turned himself into a Pokémon…), got the ticket for the S.S. Anne, and then, team with lvls between 18-19, I challenged Misty.  I started out with Bellsprout, finishing off Staryu easily, and then, the infamous Starmie came out.  I used Poison Powder first, knowing this battle wouldn’t be easy, and then tried my best to win with Bellsprout.  Poor little soul put up a good fight, but Starmie was three levels higher than him, and once I ran out of potions, with Starmie still going strong, I switched out to Pikachu.  He proved able to handle the task, and triumphantly I headed back to the Pokecenter, badge in hand.  I decided to end my journey for the day there, choosing to not rush ahead, to savor the journey, and also keep pace with my fiancé, so I could help her along the way if she needed.  As such, there shall be many more entries to this journal, and I hope each and every one of you is enjoying a journey of their own right now.


*Random question for interaction!*

What team are you guys going for against the Elite Four????

Powerball!! What to do when Fortune Finds You


Alright, so lately, the big talk across news, at least, which people want to focus on, and actually discuss, would have to be the record breaking Powerball.  In as little as two days (from the time I’m writing this), some lucky American could be holding the winning ticket for the 1.4 Billion dollar Powerball.

Now, after taxes, and dependent on what the person chooses, the amount they walk away with will arguably be a much lower, yet still significant sum of money.  Money they could never have dreamed of having, more money than they could possibly know what to do with, and money that mere moments before, they didn’t have.  That being said, while I am not a financial advisor, I would like to offer this advice, or suggestion per say, on what to do with that money.

First, let me say, I am in no way shape or form saying give it all away.  Realistically, take care of yourself first, you won the lottery, enjoy it.  However, what I am saying, is take a step back, and look at what else you have won…the opportunity to make a difference.

Sure, some people may say give it all to charity, others may splurge, buying all they want, potentially causing themselves to go bankrupt in a few years (something that is hard to believe, but has happened before in the past.)  I, on the other hand, am recommending a route which not only ensures a comfortable life for the rest of the winner’s existence, but also a reward, an investment you might say, which will hold the winner above all those before them.

What I am recommending, is after choosing a realistic amount that will ensure you are happy and financially set the rest of your life (so, pay off all your bills, and set aside for yourself maybe 200,000-1million a year, including investments etc.…to make sure you will never need for money, and will, in your mind, be able to live a happy, debt free life with all the amenities you could wish for.)  Then, after you have done that, what you do with the rest of the money, what I am suggesting, is what will make you stand out.  (And yes, while the chances are slim, if I won, I will follow my own advice).

My plan, my suggestion, is similar to the pay it forward plan…but in a way that will allow you to cause ripples which will turn to large scale waves,  to impact not only friends and family, but entire towns, cities, maybe even states.  What is it, you may ask?  I’m glad you did, because here it is.

Let’s say, to keep numbers easy, once all the taxes (including the amount planned for the 2017 taxes) are taken out, and you’ve set aside your personal stash, you have 200millioin leftover.  That’s a lot of money you may say, think of the Things you could get, now push that thought away.  Don’t be greedy, don’t be selfish, take this moment, to be HUMAN.

Take that 200million, and split it into an increment, say 10 increments of 20million a piece.  With those 20 bundles of 10million, give them to 10 people of your choice, be they friends, family, Steve from the office, you choose.  Give them that 20million, with the rule that they keep 1million, and hand the remaining 19 million, in various amounts of their choice (so they can give 19 to one person, or 1million to 19 different people).  As this money continues to be passed around, with the recipient keeping 1million, and spreading out the rest, more and more people will be reached.

In the end, if you have followed the math, 200 people will have received 1million dollars.) That is 200 different hands, 200 different minds, 200 different individuals, who are now 1million dollars richer.  What they choose to do with that money, whether they share their newfound wealth as well, or they pour it back into the economy by various purchases, the ripples will be felt.  These ripples will create currents, and currents can, and hopefully will, lead to waves.  At the least, by winning the lottery, you will have shared your wealth, your luck, your good fortune, with 200 people.  Additionally, you shared the opportunity to give, to bless those around them, to those who participate in this giving, and that, my friends, my readers, perhaps the future lottery winner, is a priceless opportunity.

What is Confidence???

What is confidence?  What is it that makes a person confident? What does it mean for a person to be confident?  As we grow up, as we walk through life, this is something that is oft questioned, and something I feel it is integral that we learn and accomplish, to at least some degree, to succeed.  So then, what is confidence?  Confidence, to me, is the ability to believe in yourself.  (Mind you, too much confidence is a bad thing…leading to arrogance or cockiness, which I have been accused of in the past, and still even today.  Additionally, a lack of confidence can be a bad thing, allowing people to walk over you and take advantage of you, again, something that has happened more than once.  Hell, confidence in the wrong instant is bad as well, and can lead to catastrophic mistakes, and even death…all things to be considered…ehem, I digress.)

Now, with the above being said, if confidence is belief in one’s self, how does one become confident?  That is something I feel which cannot be answered generically.  Every person who has walked, walks, or will walk this planet, is different.  They all have different experiences, different upbringings, and different viewpoints.  That being said, their understanding and belief in what confidence is, and whether it is a good thing, could be completely different from my own.

This aside, to me, what makes me confident, is the ability to believe in who I am.  I believe in who I am, believe in the experiences that pave my life, and trust in myself.  I figure I’ve made it this far, so hell, I must be doing something right (that was a joke, laugh).  On a serious note though, when I was younger, I had confidence brought about my constant travels, and the vast amount of the world I was able to consume, be it in person, or vicariously through different modes (television, radio, literature, other people’s stories).  As I grew, my confidence became strengthened in my ever growing knowledge, and a belief in myself, as I overcame various challenges presented to me.

Now, as I write this, and think of myself, I know my confidence comes from an acceptance and understanding of who I am, and believing in myself and my actions.  (There are also ways to appear confident when you are not, which comes in handy, but this post is not the time or place).  Now, for others to be confident, to grow and to trust themselves, I do have a few tips which may help.

First off, take note of where you are in life, what you like about yourself, things you may not, and think of how you got there.  Look at your life choices, think upon those moments that you stood out, the things you excel at, and use those as your baseline.  Build around yourself a core of who and what you are, and know that no matter what happens, at the end of the day, you are your own person, your choices are your own, and your life is yours.  That being said, do what you can to improve upon and strengthen what you feel defines you.  If this means practicing at a sport, or taking an extra college course, then do it.  These will help piece together the armor which is your confidence.  Additionally, think about the people in your life, be it family, friends, or loved ones.  Think of them, and comfort yourself with knowledge that you have others to support you.  That no matter what, if you succeed or fail, they love you and care for you for who you are, and will always stand beside you.  With that knowledge, add another layer to your armor, have faith in their trust and love for you, they would not misplace it, you are special, and you can take pride in that.

Once you have accomplished this, once you have your baseline, always add to it, always help it grow.  As you face troubles in life, trust in yourself and those who care about you, believe in yourself.  If something knocks you down (we can not always live life at a high, even I know that), reach out, those around you will help you put the pieces together, help you rebuild your armor, rebuild your belief in yourself, and strengthen your confidence and resolve.  The key to confidence, the summation of all I have rambled on about, is that you believe in yourself, and never give up on yourself.  Trust yourself, love yourself, and always seek to grow and strengthen yourself, and remember, only you know where you have been, what you have been through, and therefore, only you can judge yourself.  With that belief, you can face the world, move forward, and be confident that yes, you are strong!