One Last Kiss

Allow me to measure in time
my happiness since you became mine.

The moment our lips touched I reckon
I aged a minute for every second

In your embrace, I grow wise
With you my internal clock flies

I looked into your eyes, my heart danced,
My lifetime, our lifetime, filled with romance

Time lingered only once, on the words “I do”
My happiness was as vast as the sky is blue

With each second, hour and day
Even as death came closer to lead us away

Know that my happiness grew all the more
For beside you, each year was a score

Every breath breathed a thousand times
Every kiss, a beautiful rhyme

Every moment pure and right
Dancing across eyes now stolen of sight

Another breath, perhaps my last
My, in your presence, time moves fast.

Hold my hand, one last kiss
I’ll spend eternity in remembered bliss.


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