Pokemon Journey: S.S. Nostalgia

February 28

Hello again, first let me say, thanks again for joining me on my journey through my childhood. (though really, not sure why you are reading this, but I do appreciate it J, guess I’m doing something right)  That being said, as promised, I continue to blog about my Pokémon Blue journey, and so here is my update.  I’d also like to point out (final digression, I swear!), the reason these are posted a day or two late, is because usually I end my day playing games (as a way to relax), and so I’m falling asleep as I’m finishing…and trust me, you wouldn’t want to read that…well maybe you would…but I don’t want you to!!!!).  Now then, back to ze journey!

So, when we last left of, our adventurer had just defeated the Cerulean City Gym Leader, Misty, and was preparing to set out again on his journey….(tried to make that sound kind of like the intro to an episode from the old Pokémon TV show J  ).  So, any who, after I beat Misty, and since I already had my ticket that weirdo Bill, I healed up the team, and headed on my way.  It is understandable that at this point, some newer players may have wandered haplessly around, the game doesn’t really point you in the right direction.  However, I remembered the Team Rocket shenanigans, so straight away headed to beat up Rocket (that almost sounds bad….) got dig, and continued on my merry way.

Once I reached Route 6, I did a kind of backwards thing, and skipped all the trainers I could (the last two before Vermilion City obviously unskippable).  Then, after healing up, I headed towards Route 11.  I trounced around and trained up my team, OCD making me make sure everyone is leveled equally.  After that, I said hi to the sleeping Snorlax (lazy bastard), grabbed my bike voucher from the Poke Fan Club leader dude….and headed back to Cerulean City.  This time I did take the team to beat everyone up, equally spreading pain to all the trainers, while ensuring my team stayed equal in levels…it’s a curse…I swear.

After I got my shiny new bike, with nowhere to really go on it yet, I headed back to Vermillion City (this game has a lot more back and forth than I remember :P).  I paid Diglet’s cave a little hello, for nostalgia sake, and managed to get Bellsprout to evolve!  I took that as my signal to move on, so did what any normal 10 year old on a Pokémon journey in a dangerous world with magical, deadly creatures, would do.  I went onto a boat full of strangers and sailors! Hello S.S. Anne.

Being the old school player I am, I made sure I went into each and every room, because that is what I did when I first played the game!  Every trainer on the ship got a nice thrashing, and after I got bored with the second rate passengers, I headed to face my rival (whose name is not appropriate…ha).  I served him a first class dosage of pain…enough so that his Raticate would never return….(insert a small amount of feels here).  Then, I helped an old captain who was seasick (because that makes sense), and he gave me everyone’s favorite HM01 Cut.  One of the reasons I have Weepinbell on my team…to be my Cut master (since Charizard is having one skill saved for Fly, and I’d rather not have my dragonlord weighed down with HMs…would be lame).

Less than savory note…I did let myself get beat by the last trainer on the S.S. Anne….so that the ship will never leave…muhahahahaha.  I know *spoiler alert* Mew isn’t really back there…but considering all the hours and attempts younger me did way back when…I just had to relive it 😛

So, with Cut in hand, and my time for playing drawing to a close for the day, I set out on my last task for the night.  I headed over to everyone’s favorite electric type gym, chopped down the cherry tree…I mean, bush (that doesn’t sound appropriate… younger me didn’t think of these things…), and headed into the gym.  I remembered which trash can’s had the switch, having played over and over again when younger, but still decided to take on each trainer in there.  No reason to pass up free money and experience.  Then, with my team nice and ready (and after a trip to the Pokecenter just in case), I went ahead and challenged the good LT.  (Random thought LT= lieutenant, but could also be….Lightning Trainer…so then he would be, Lightning Trainer Surge!!!!!!)

First up, Voltorb… Now…I will take this moment to admit…I’m kinda cheap right now :P.  Weepinbell came out, and the first thing I did was poison that cheeky Pokeball with eyes.  Next (and here’s where you apply a healthy dose of cheese), I used wrap….Needless to say, easy battle was easy.  After Voltorb fainted, it kindly let me know he was going to send out a Pikachu.  What did I do, you may ask…well, weirdly enough (not), I had a Pikachu too.  So, in a manly who’s got the biggest dick match, I sent out my Pikachu.  Let me put it simply, my 22 beat his 18 ;).  Ahh, inappropriate jokes aside, his final Pokémon was Raichu (all you people playing yellow…have fun never getting one! 😛  ).  I took a moment here, it was a tough decision on who I wanted out…and finally, OCD kicked in, and the one Pokémon I had that was at level 22 (since Pikachu leveled) Charmeleon got sent out.  He made short work of Raichu…and by short work, I mean I used a full restore when he almost died :P.  The battle left him equal level with all the rest of my team, and my OCD was a peace…for now.  With that, I walked my happy little arse back to the Pokecenter, healed everyone up, and content with myself, ended for the night J.

For the update (in case I made it hard to follow), I now have 3 badges, everyone is level 23, and everyone means, Charmeleon, Weepinbell, Pikachu, Nidorino, Nidorina, Kadabara.  I still only have 4 of the 6 Pokémon I aim to have to complete the Elite Four, but am getting closer to where I will get them J.  Stay tuned to find out who they are (unless I already said….seems like something I would do), and follow my happy, shenanigan filled trounce down memory lane J.

Till next time, who’s your favorite Pokémon?  Mine is Arcanine (hence the irony that I am playing Blue…for those of you not aware, you cannot get a Growlithe or Arcanine in Blue -_- ).


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