Pokemon Journey: Hello Old Friend

Twenty years ago, a 10 year old boy started out on a journey.  A journey that would change not only his life, but shape a future, a legacy, that would change the world.  Now, twenty years into the future, that 10 year old boy is back, though he never truly left.  In fact, Pokémon has continued to grow, to expand, throughout the years, bringing generations together as the originals Gen I’s continued to grow, and ‘evolve’ only to return each and every generation to offer and share their wisdom for those who were starting their Pokémon journey for the first time.  On this day, all Pokémon fans, young and old, have returned, Gen I’s finally returning to the world, the region, where it all truly began.  On February 27th, 2016, countless people picked up their 3ds’s, powered it on, and made a choices.  The first choice, to relive the journey in Pokémon Red/Blue, or to play Pokémon Yellow.  For those who decided to return to Red/Blue (I chose Blue…ironic since my favorite Pokémon is a Red exclusive -_-), another choice, the hardest (or easiest) choice of all…which starter should you choose?  Charmander, the cute little fire lizard who transforms into the almighty Charizard (he will always be a dragon in my heart).  Squirtle, the adorable little turtle who evolves into Blastoise, a tanky monster with literal cannons!  Or, Bulbasaur….aka lettuce.  Obviously, while I am not biased….I chose Charmander as my life partner.  My fiancé, who has never played a Pokémon game before, started on Yellow, so that she could get the best of both worlds (smart choice J  ).  Now then, after we both revealed our name to Prof Oak (obviously our TRUE trainer names…Gen I’s know what I’m talking about 😉 ), we got to choose names for our rivals…  I’m sure the attached image will reflect what our choices were…*cough*.  Afterwards, it was off on our journeys.  I have decided, as such, that I will try to reveal my journey as I go on (my fiances will remain secret, tis her story to tell, not mine.)  That being said, allow me to begin.

Feb 27, 2016

As already mentioned, I chose Charmander as my partner in crime for my journey, and as such, my rival, no, my friend, chose Squirtle (dick move…).

Now, just a little side note here…as much as we all hate our rivals…think about it, truly his actions are those of a best friend.  All along your journey, he is checking up on you, gauging your strength, giving you a challenge to overcome.  Sure he could have far surpassed you, yet at each and every point, he was just a little bit ahead, just enough that you wanted to push yourself to beat him, to overcome his taunts, to be better.  Your ‘rival’, is there, looking out for you, and in the end, he helps you accomplish your dreams, your goal….Keep that in mind when naming him (hypocrite alert…I know 😛  ).  Now then, back to me, and my journey…

After beating his Squirtle in my very first Pokémon battle (thank you random PC potion in your bedroom…) I become Prof Oak’s errand boy, but whatevs.  I complete that task easy enough, get my Pokedex, and finally, truly, begin my journey.  First mission…catch new Pokémon.  I have a very specific team I want at the end as I go against the Elite Four, and luckily, I know two of the Pokémon I wanted to help against Brock (the first gym leader for those who are just now starting their journey), happen to evolve into what I want for the Elite Four.  As such, after purchasing some Pokeballs (only five), I headed off into the patch of grass, just to the left of Viridian City, where my prey awaited.  My goal, a male, and female, Nidoran.  Did I accomplish this task? Of course.  Then, I wandered up, knowing my rival would await (though the first time…forgot he would trigger so early…and ended up being beat…hard to beat him when all your Pokémon are at 5 hp…bad me, bad L ).  Any who, I triggered the encounter, beat him, and then, proceeded to train up all three of my Pokémon to lvl 10, before continuing to the forest.

Once I reached Viridian Forest, I picked up my next team member (he will be temporary), a smiling Pikachu.  Now, obviously he wasn’t going to help much against Brock, but I was planning for the future…Misty and her beast of a Starmie.  After getting Pikachu, I trained him up to level 10, got the rest of my team to level 12, and took on Brock.  His Geodude was a bit annoying, using defense curl every time I used leer, but eventually my Nidoran (male) was able to defeat him…though he only had 7hp remaining.  As such, I left him in front, for when Onyx appeared, I knew each and every leer would be invaluable.  Luckily for me, Brock insisted on using Bide right off the bat, so I was able to get Onyx’s defense all the way down, and almost kill him with Horn attack, before the second Bide went off, and knocked out my Nidoran (male).  Having done his task, I silently thanked him, and then sent out Charmander, burning Onyx down, and winning my very first badge!

After defeating Brock, I headed East from Pewter town, towards Mt. Moon, and my next target (and my last one for the day) Misty.  Mt Moon, your first encounter with Team Rocket, also has another important choice (on top of Clefairy…for those of you who like Clefairy ha-ha).  I grabbed the two moon stones in the good Mt (to be used later for my Nidoking/queen) and then, after thoroughly stomping team rocket…and multiple trips back to the Pokecenter….I was at the choice, Dome or Helix fossil.   Now, while I’m sure some will say this is blasphemy….I went with the Dome fossil (‘c’mon, he looks awesome, and is a beast!).  Afterwards, I gallantly left the cave, all of my Pokémon now at least lvl 16, meaning I now had Charmeleon, Nidorino, Nidorina, and Pikachu.  I healed up, beat up some more trainers on Nugget bridge, and then headed to the patch of grass to the left (and yes I beat the trainer there…no Mew glitch for me).  I then (on the first try, without any status effects) captured a lvl 12 Abra.  I was trying to show my fiancé that they teleport from battle and are hard to catch…go figure I’d catch him instantly…  That being said, I snagged what I had come for after that, which is a Bellsprout (another want for my Elite Four Team).  With Bellsprout in tow, I now am only missing two Pokémon for my Elite Four team, so figured it was time to train them up, and then take on Misty.  I

I rescued Bill (fool had turned himself into a Pokémon…), got the ticket for the S.S. Anne, and then, team with lvls between 18-19, I challenged Misty.  I started out with Bellsprout, finishing off Staryu easily, and then, the infamous Starmie came out.  I used Poison Powder first, knowing this battle wouldn’t be easy, and then tried my best to win with Bellsprout.  Poor little soul put up a good fight, but Starmie was three levels higher than him, and once I ran out of potions, with Starmie still going strong, I switched out to Pikachu.  He proved able to handle the task, and triumphantly I headed back to the Pokecenter, badge in hand.  I decided to end my journey for the day there, choosing to not rush ahead, to savor the journey, and also keep pace with my fiancé, so I could help her along the way if she needed.  As such, there shall be many more entries to this journal, and I hope each and every one of you is enjoying a journey of their own right now.


*Random question for interaction!*

What team are you guys going for against the Elite Four????


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