What is Confidence???

What is confidence?  What is it that makes a person confident? What does it mean for a person to be confident?  As we grow up, as we walk through life, this is something that is oft questioned, and something I feel it is integral that we learn and accomplish, to at least some degree, to succeed.  So then, what is confidence?  Confidence, to me, is the ability to believe in yourself.  (Mind you, too much confidence is a bad thing…leading to arrogance or cockiness, which I have been accused of in the past, and still even today.  Additionally, a lack of confidence can be a bad thing, allowing people to walk over you and take advantage of you, again, something that has happened more than once.  Hell, confidence in the wrong instant is bad as well, and can lead to catastrophic mistakes, and even death…all things to be considered…ehem, I digress.)

Now, with the above being said, if confidence is belief in one’s self, how does one become confident?  That is something I feel which cannot be answered generically.  Every person who has walked, walks, or will walk this planet, is different.  They all have different experiences, different upbringings, and different viewpoints.  That being said, their understanding and belief in what confidence is, and whether it is a good thing, could be completely different from my own.

This aside, to me, what makes me confident, is the ability to believe in who I am.  I believe in who I am, believe in the experiences that pave my life, and trust in myself.  I figure I’ve made it this far, so hell, I must be doing something right (that was a joke, laugh).  On a serious note though, when I was younger, I had confidence brought about my constant travels, and the vast amount of the world I was able to consume, be it in person, or vicariously through different modes (television, radio, literature, other people’s stories).  As I grew, my confidence became strengthened in my ever growing knowledge, and a belief in myself, as I overcame various challenges presented to me.

Now, as I write this, and think of myself, I know my confidence comes from an acceptance and understanding of who I am, and believing in myself and my actions.  (There are also ways to appear confident when you are not, which comes in handy, but this post is not the time or place).  Now, for others to be confident, to grow and to trust themselves, I do have a few tips which may help.

First off, take note of where you are in life, what you like about yourself, things you may not, and think of how you got there.  Look at your life choices, think upon those moments that you stood out, the things you excel at, and use those as your baseline.  Build around yourself a core of who and what you are, and know that no matter what happens, at the end of the day, you are your own person, your choices are your own, and your life is yours.  That being said, do what you can to improve upon and strengthen what you feel defines you.  If this means practicing at a sport, or taking an extra college course, then do it.  These will help piece together the armor which is your confidence.  Additionally, think about the people in your life, be it family, friends, or loved ones.  Think of them, and comfort yourself with knowledge that you have others to support you.  That no matter what, if you succeed or fail, they love you and care for you for who you are, and will always stand beside you.  With that knowledge, add another layer to your armor, have faith in their trust and love for you, they would not misplace it, you are special, and you can take pride in that.

Once you have accomplished this, once you have your baseline, always add to it, always help it grow.  As you face troubles in life, trust in yourself and those who care about you, believe in yourself.  If something knocks you down (we can not always live life at a high, even I know that), reach out, those around you will help you put the pieces together, help you rebuild your armor, rebuild your belief in yourself, and strengthen your confidence and resolve.  The key to confidence, the summation of all I have rambled on about, is that you believe in yourself, and never give up on yourself.  Trust yourself, love yourself, and always seek to grow and strengthen yourself, and remember, only you know where you have been, what you have been through, and therefore, only you can judge yourself.  With that belief, you can face the world, move forward, and be confident that yes, you are strong!

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