Another few poems, why not ;)

Just a few more poems, I feel I’ve been neglecting this page, my apologies.


Play, eat, sleep
Laughter, family
Playing, learning, growth
Ups and downs
Teenage years…finally
Rebel, love, learn, fight
School is a drag, almost done
Parties, friends, all that’s fun
College years fast approach
Leaving home, that’s the hope
Parents don’t know a thing
Is this love, or just a fling
Life lessons learned…sorta
Adulthood, responsibility
After college, student debt
Pay the bills, always fret
So much stress, difficult to handle
Life gets harder as you burn the candle
The flame burns even as the wax wanes
Your body grows, you feel new pains
But love and family find a way
To make life fun and keep you sane
Children are born, the family tree grows
Love, life lessons, everything shows
Parents really did have good advice
Now to pass on their lessons in life
Children are grown,
Had their own
Glad to have known
Memory fades,
Body fails
Closer to death
Eternal Rest


There’s a Monster in My Closet

A knock in the dark… another one there
I crawl out of bed, uncertain, scared
The knocking comes from the closet door
Shadows dance creating horrifying forms


I draw closer, the knocking is a rhyme
I assure myself everything is fine
Opening slowly, the door creeks and groans
From within an eye stares, I start to moan


Wide awake, heart racing, it was a dream
I laugh, I roll over, I scream!
Beside my bed, a monster looms
Razor sharp teeth and claws signal my doom.


When Darkness Calls

Darkness creeps; darkness crawls
Deep within darkness calls.
I try to run, I try to flee
One with light I wish to be.

Darkness lingers; darkness stays
I will succumb, in minutes or days.
I push against, I see the light
Wait, my mind tells me, this isn’t right

Darkness parts; darkness fades
Darkness knows the choice is made.
Screams and violence flash in my head
Crimson-red, the blood I have shed

Darkness welcomes; darkness cheers
Darkness protects me from my fears.
I wrap it around me, fade away
I’ll walk with darkness another day.


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