First Poem I ever wrote

Alright, so starting to post my poetry, slowly as promised.  Below is the first poem I ever wrote (outside of the required poem activities in English Class).  Of note, I actually typed it up on a typewriter when I wrote it, which I thought was spiffy haha.



Once born a man must live
Yet how he lives is up to him
Whether he grows and learns to give
Or he takes from others, and his sight grows dim
Yet in this world, cruel fate has seen
To make me live a life of sorrow
For while I seem happy and full of joy
Deep down, darkness does lay poised
I hold in all my anger and fears
And hold back the pain of sorrowful tears
To seem impartial to the world around
For this is how I escape without making a sound
Though it displaces me from the world around
I choose solitude over company and love
And rather sit, face lifted to the sky above
Wondering why fate hath dealt me a blow
From which I have no chance to grow
For my burden in life must be
To see that others be happy before me
No matter the pain this must cause
And though this fate doth have some flaws
Never will I let any in
For I shall escape the weakness of men
And rise above those I’ve known
To finally show them that I have grown
Up without the help of others
Nor the need of caring mothers
For these are weaknesses in life
That weaken men and simply cause strife
This is why I act as I am
Take this as the account of the lamb
Who escaped the dreaded wolf of life
To proclaim independence from all strife
So ends my dark rant of the life in which I have lived
The tale of Smitty thus ends.


One thought on “First Poem I ever wrote

  1. Great start. I feel “Deep down, darkness does lay poised” and “Wondering why fate hath dealt me a blow, From which I have no chance to grow” are the best lines. I hope you further explore the preference for solitude over the company of men. I know that feeling well, at least in my own way I do.

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